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Streamline your research with a due diligence automation platform.

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Access unique insights and hand picked advisors. Enjoy pay-as-you-go flexibility.

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Achieve better returns with exclusive and differentiated knowledge.


Accelerate your firm's deal sourcing and M&A activities.


Access the platform and marketplace free of charge - pay for completed calls.

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Call transcripts included with every call.

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Access your firm's past projects and transcripts in a secure library.

Why Inex One?

Expert calls is an immensely valuable and unique source of knowledge, but the way that calls are bought and managed have not changed much since the 90's.

Inex One is transforming the expert network industry, making it easier than ever before to access the world's knowledge.

Join the hundreds of consulting firms, private equity firms, hedge funds and corporations already using our solution, and experience the future of expert calls.

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Superior access to global experts

No one knows the local markets better than the people on the ground. That's why we have teamed up with more than 20 expert networks globally. Let our unique matching algorithm match your project with the most relevant providers.

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Our data protection commitment

Data protection at Inex One meets the highest international standards.

We know that efficient primary research relies on robust security and data protection. Enjoy best-in-class security solutions, without compromising productivity or quality.


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