Expert Networks. Simplified.

Discover the efficient way to manage expert networks.

Manage all expert networks in one dashboard

Coordinate global sourcing, billing and compliance checks in one place.

Simplified workflow

Inex One is a one-stop-shop for administering, procuring, and tracking your expert interactions. Your teams collaborate better, and get superior access to expert insights.

Control and reporting

With Inex One, you no longer need to do monthly follow-ups with teams or cross check invoices. You have real-time overview of all expert calls and their associated costs, and automated compliance logs.

Enterprise-ready solutions

Make Inex One an integral part of your everyday workflow with our customizable admin and compliance dashboards, Single-Sign-On and custom data retention schedules.

Investment research made simple

Efficient communication

Forget endless emailing, duplicate lists of experts and answering the same question twice. Say it through the EMS, and everyone will get your message.

Global knowledge

Access experts from pre-vetted expert networks from all around the world through the Approved Network Program. Pay-as-you-go and enjoy full service from the best.

Transparent pricing

Setting up an account with Inex One is always free of charge. No setup fees, and no more pre-paid, annual contracts or minimum commitments.

World-class data protection

Information Security and Data Protection are key to what we do. We take security seriously, and offer solutions that allow you to do the same.

Simplified workflow. Added value.