On a mission to make expert calls smoother, simpler and more efficient

We know all about expert calls: how valuable they can be, yet how messy they can be to manage.

The team at Inex One has been heavy users as consultants and investment analysts. A few years back we also founded, operated and sold a successful expert network.

Our experience made us realize what the user really needs: an Expert Management System (EMS). We are working closely with professionals from investment firms, strategy consulting firms and expert networks to ensure that the EMS is helpful to all parties.

The Inex One EMS is the tool we always wished we had. Now it’s here to help you be great at investment research.

Inex One was founded in 2017 by former consultants and industry professionals with a mission to give clients worldwide superior access to expertise. The company is backed by fifteen investors with a background in multinational private equity, strategy consulting, investment banking and corporate firms.

Man doing an expert network call about Inex One.

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