Apply to the Approved Network Program

The Approved Network Program (ANP) is the world’s first marketplace for expert network services. Access new clients and get invited to projects directly in the Inex One platform.

The ANP is open to expert networks that pass Inex One’s screening on quality, compliance and service.

See here for details on the ANP.

Our firm has the following in place (check all that apply):

1. A dedicated compliance function (team or employee) in charge of and accountable for compliance policies, procedures and contracts (both those followed internally and those signed by experts) and training programs.

2. Clear, understandable, and up-to-date compliance documents on policies, procedures and contracts.

3. Clearly defined procedures for the identification, management and escalation of proprietary information.

4. Strict disclosure, management and review protocols of potential conflicts of interest, both at an organizational and personal level within the expert network.

5. Regular compliance trainings for all employees including – but not limited to – vetting of experts, confidentiality and sensitive topics, conflicts of interest, and personal investments.

6. An up-to-date registry of companies and individuals to not contact (a “do-not-call-list”).

7. Complete records of all expert consultations for a minimum of 24 months rolling.

8. Clear terms and conditions that experts agree to, both upon joining the network and regularly thereafter.

9. Compliance training tools for experts, covering legal and ethical obligations.

10. Guidance and incentives for experts to refuse to answer any non-compliant client questions, and to report client questioning that the expert feels might be in violation of any ethical, legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations or constraints the expert might have.

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