Approved Network program for expert networks

Generating business for the best

The Approved Network Program (ANP) is the world’s first marketplace for expert network services. Access new clients and get invited to projects directly in the Inex One platform.

The ANP is open to expert networks that pass Inex One’s screening on quality, compliance and service. Apply to become a member.

Have you been invited to the Expert Management System by a client? Read more in our FAQs.

The benefits of the Approved Network Program

Access new clients

The Approved Network Program gives you access to some of the world’s major clients of expert calls.

Grow your business

Let Inex One become a considerable sales channel or just a welcome source of additional revenue.

Enjoy a flexible setup

As an ANP Member, you’re in control of your pipeline, and which projects you choose to take on.

Join the Approved Network Program.

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