28 Jun 2022

Inex One's Directors of Research Webinar 2022

Mudit Makheja Inex One
Mudit MakhejaGrowth Marketing at Inex One
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Inex One runs a Directors of Research webinar series dedicated to the research needs of investment and strategy consulting firms. In this webinar, research leaders from the most prominent private equity, strategy consulting, and asset management firms discuss trends in the Expert Network industry.

Last week, we organized two 25-minute panels followed by break-out rooms where participants exchange insights with their colleagues and friends in the industry.

The panelists included senior leaders with backgrounds at GLG, Bain & Company, General Atlantic, and McKinsey & Company. Below are a few highlights from the discussions:

Trends in Expert Networks for Investment Firms

  • Less PE deal-making in 2022 has meant lower spend on expert networks

  • Speed, quality, and compliance are the most important purchasing criteria

  • The number of expert networks continues to grow, with sector-specialists emerging

  • Specialization, automation, and aggregation are logical next steps for expert networks

Trends in Expert Networks for Strategy Consultants

  • Expert calls have become a top spend item over the last decade

  • Surveys are increasingly being used alongside expert calls

  • Managing expert networks takes a lot of time from consulting teams

  • As PE clients grow more sophisticated, consultants need to bring ever more specialized insights

Thank you to everyone that participated in these events. If you want to join the next one, please send an email to liam@inex.one.