21 Apr 2022

My Tryst With Expert Networks: From Problems to Solution

Mudit Makheja Inex One
Mudit MakhejaGrowth Marketing at Inex One
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Ever since I was a child, I have had a knack for finding Broken things. And when I find something broken, I have an irresistible urge to fix it. Maybe that’s one motivation for doing a bachelor's in Engineering.

Fast forward a few years, and I was working for a firm trying to fix the broken US Healthcare industry, assisting them with Marketing and Market research.

Blast from the Past

Part of my role required me to gather relevant, precise insights and analyze market trends/opportunities. This constant search for “relevant insights” introduced me to a new industry - the industry for expert insights. Giant Expert Networks dominated it.

These conventional expert networks ask their clients for their requirements and connect them with an industry professional/expert within that field.

Sounds Interesting?

Do you feel using expert networks is Interesting? Yes or No?

House of Mirrors

Well, it did. No more having to beat your head around endless google searches for information that is not even there. That information is within the heads of people who have spent years in that field. Now, I get an Expert Network, send them my requirements, and BAMM!

I have my insights.

A bulb,signifying insights from expert networks, that is taking off like a rocket

Felt like I Found OIL!

Error 404 - Expert Networks

But, as we’ve come to realize about oil, so did I discover about Expert Networks. The grass is NOT so green on the other side.

Like oil, expert networks got the job done—massive Expert Networks like GLG, Third Bridge, Guidepoint, and AlphaSights with different specialties. But just like oil, they created other problems.


A professional frustated with the hassle of using multiple expert networks

Email mayhem, internal roadblocks to information sharing, managing multiple team calendars, working with various expert networks, all simultaneously and with Deadlines. It was Drowning, to say the least.

And then, my knack kicked in. I saw something broken, the Broken Expert Network industry.

Multiple Expert Networks have multiple clients and vice versa which leads to an overflow of emails, invoices, calls and interactions

The Mayhem in the Broken Expert Network Industry

My Knight in the Shining Armour

I tried to find a fix and make my life easier. Cut down all the emails, reduce challenges with team collaboration, and make it easy for me to manage my multiple Expert Networks. That's when I found my lone warrior, trying to fix what's broken. Inex One, a cloud-based marketplace of multiple expert networks that helps clients manage their expert networks and interact with experts more efficiently. One dashboard to manage it all, with access to numerous Expert Networks.

Sample view of a screen from the Inex One Dashboard which shows status of different projects, project analytics, team members and Expert Networks involved

The Inex One Platform

I knew we had to work with them when I first heard about their offering. So we decided to sign Inex One, and use them for getting our expert calls. We got going with just a few clicks and started doing projects from Day 1.

And Boy, Inex One did make my life easy!! With easy-to-use dashboards for project management, communication, and Zero emails in my inbox from Expert Networks.

The Opportune Present and the Promising Future

Shortly after, I took a break to pursue my Master in Business with a dual degree from MDI Gurgaon and ESCP Business School. Though busy with all the studies, projects, and submissions, I still remembered the opportunity and potential I had seen—the chance to fix a broken industry. A work still left unfinished.

My knack and urges kicked in again. I dropped a message to the disruptors at Inex, looking for an opportunity to be a part of their journey. Today, I am heading Growth Marketing at Inex One, to help more clients do efficient market research.

If you want to try it out, please drop me a note at mudit@inex.one, or get started here.