12 Jul 2018

Indexone and Index One

Max FribergCEO at Inex One

Clients often write Indexone when looking for Inex One. Sometimes they write Index One, but Indexone is surprisingly common.

You write Indexone for two reasons. Firstly, you think of "industry experts", which you can conveniently access through Inex One. Secondly, you think of indexing expertise. This is a feature of the Inex One Expert Management System where you combine all experts in one list.

Although these variations on the name are understandable, it is important that readers are guided to the information that they seek. Hence, we clarify the different ways our name is written here and share some detail on our real name: Inex One.

The Insights Exchange

Inex One is a combination of the words "Insights" and "Exchange". We offer an insights exchange for expert information. In the Expert Management System, clients manage expert networks efficiently. They save time and cost by working in a secure system.

Many clients struggle with expert networks. For instance, choosing an expert network is difficult when you only have biased marketing materials available. In addition, clients lack clear quality metrics standardized to compare expert networks. Finally, costs have become an increasingly important issue, as the spend on expert networks is growing ~10-20% at many firms.

Inex One is built to solve these challenges. Clients have great data on what expert networks are good at. They have full control and transparency on costs for expert networks. In addition, their confidential information is securely stored with state-of-the-art data protection. Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from using the Expert Management System to manage your expert networks.

If you're looking for an indexing tool, check out our friends over at Indexone.io.