22 Jun 2021

Podcast: Inex One and the expert network ecosystem

Max FribergCEO at Inex One

Inex One is featured on the Unleashed podcast by Will Bachman. The Unleashed podcast covers all aspects of the life and workflows of independent consultants, with stories from people in the industry. Unleashed features lots of interesting episodes, almost as an expert network in its own right. We are excited to have been invited to the show!

Listen to the show on the Umbrex site here, or on Spotify.

Key points discussed:

  • 07:13: How Inex One improves the expert network process and experience

  • 15:54: How the idea of Inex One was born

  • 18:39: How the expert network industry is evolving

  • 26:00: Who’s using Inex One

Unleashed podcast