23 May 2024

Japanese expert networks

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Japanese expert networks support investors and strategy professionals doing business in Japan. They connect clients with experts in Japan, helping them make informed decisions and grow their businesses.

Inex One simplifies access to Japanese expert networks. With Inex One, you can access the best Japanese expert networks and B2B survey providers in one platform. Avoid cross-border contracting, or getting lost in translation. Join more than 6,000 users on Inex One - see Inex One reviews here.

Japanese expert networks for market research

Japanese expert networks play a crucial role in supporting decision-making for private equity firms and strategy consulting companies. The networks provide access to experts in Japan, typically for domain expertise in specific industries.

The Japanese expert network industry has grown rapidly over the past decade. Two of the leading players (VisasQ and Mimir Uzabase) are publicly traded, and many others have followed their path expanding across Asia.

By engaging Japanese expert networks, PE firms and strategy consultants get better insights faster, gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese markets, and can ultimately improve their chances of business success.

Expert networks bridge the gap between international experts and clients

Key Players in the Japanese Expert Network Landscape

There are several expert networks based in Japan:

  1. VisasQ launched in in 2012, went public in March 2020, and acquired US-based Coleman Research in August 2021. Its main client base consists of domestic Japanese corporations.

  2. ShareFair launched in 2019 and operates as one of the leading Japanese expert networks.

  3. Mimir Expert Research shares similarities with VisasQ and operates as part of Uzabase, a listed business intelligence provider.

  4. Resory was founded in 2019 as GS Partners, by former managers at the Japanese branch of Capvision.

  5. Other notable players. Other expert networks with offices in Japan include Hudson Research, Nodes Global, Arches, GLG, AlphaSights, Atheneum and Guidepoint.

Compare Japanese expert networks

Inex One offers access to multiple expert networks in one platform, with flexible payment options. This unique approach sets Inex One apart from other players in the Japanese expert network landscape, making it a valuable resource for international clients seeking Japanese market expertise.

The Inex One platform provides us with great insights across geographies and industries. Having 25+ networks at your disposal is game-changing.

- Taichi Takagi, Consultant at Sigmaxyz, Tokyo (see more reviews here)

You get multiple benefits using Inex One to access Japanese expert networks:

  1. Cast a wide net: access multiple Japanese expert networks in one portal, and get the best from each one.

  2. Streamlined Contracting Process: One contract only. Inex One simplifies and centralizes administrative tasks associated with engaging multiple networks, saving time and reducing complexity.

  3. Flexible and Transparent Pricing: Inex One offers a unique payment model where clients only pay for the expert interviews they conduct, providing cost-efficiency and flexibility.

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