28 May 2024

Expert networks in Korea

Max FribergCEO at Inex One
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Korean expert networks support investors and strategy professionals doing research in and out of Korea. South Korea is the world's 13th largest economy, and home to massive corporations and international market leaders with professional management practices. Consequently, there's a continuous need for expert insights, both from domestic and international firms.

Eight expert networks have offices in South Korea, serving both domestic and international market research. The first homegrown Korean expert network, Nathan Research Group, started in 2013.

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Korean expert networks for market research

The Korean expert network industry has grown rapidly over the past decade, as more firms have joined in.

The CVs of one of the co-founders of Liahnson shows the rapid growth of expert networking in Korea in the 2010's

By engaging Korean expert networks, PE firms and strategy consultants get better insights faster, gain a deeper understanding of the Korean markets, and can ultimately improve their chances of business success.

Expert networks bridge the gap between international experts and clients

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With Inex One, you can access multiple expert networks in one platform. You only pay for the research that you consume; not upfront. Instead of negotiating contracts with multiple separate vendors, you have one master contract that applies to all the best networks globally.

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- Benoit Jacob, Investor, DN Capital (see reviews here)

You get multiple benefits using Inex One to access Korean expert networks:

  1. Cast a wide net: access multiple Korean expert networks in one portal, and get the best from each one.

  2. Streamlined Contracting Process: One contract only. Inex One simplifies and centralizes administrative tasks associated with engaging multiple networks, saving time and reducing complexity.

  3. Flexible and Transparent Pricing: Inex One offers a unique payment model where clients only pay for the expert interviews they conduct, providing cost-efficiency and flexibility.

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