From selling lady shavers to SaaS solutions

Liam Sturges
Head of Sales at Inex One
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Liam Sturges joined as the Head of Sales at Inex One in August 2019.

Liam Sturges - Head of Sales at Inex One

Recently I joined the Sales Team of Inex One, a cloud-based platform that helps our clients manage their expert interactions in a more efficient way. I immediately spotted a lot of similarities to my previous job, designing the sales strategy for the women’s shaver business of a FMCG company. Just as in my former company, my new colleagues are really smart & ambitious, we pursue excellence in everything we do and we focus relentlessly on what is best for our end user.

Not surprisingly I also found a few things that are very new to me: In an aggregated and anonymized way I can now see how our product is being used, something which in my old job (rightfully!) would have led to me getting sued. This is a great way of gaining insights in what already is working well on our platform and what we can still do to make it even more intuitive.

Picture of a computer with the Inex One expert network aggregator.

In addition to this we get instant feedback if, for example, a user logs into the platform and logs out without launching a project. Subsequently, we can attempt to determine what caused the user to cancel the project. It is like getting a notification every time someone enters a store with the intention of buying a lady shaver… Read the full article here.