20 Nov 2019

More than 100 expert networks

Max FribergCEO at Inex One
Market Market Sizing

In cooperation with Integrity Research, Inex One identified more than 100 expert networks around the globe. 110 expert networks are active, and an additional 29 are inactive.

Expert networks by type

There are expert networks on six continents, ranging from generalists to highly specialized firms. In a previous article, we discussed whether the expert network industry would see more specialization or consolidation. Since then, we’ve seen expert networks both starting and shutting down – but the net growth is distinct.

Read the full article on Integrity Research, or check out individual firms in the Expert Network Directory.

More than 100 expert networks generating >$1.3 Bn

>100 expert networks and $1.3B sales

Counting all the expert networks is a first step to sizing the market. The expert network market size surpassed $1.3 Bn in 2019, much of it coming from new market entrants with innovative delivery models.

Inex One celebrates high-performing expert networks. We expect high-performing networks to thrive in the years going forward, as both competitive pressure and volumes increase.

More than 100 expert networks are made available through Inex One

Leading firms use Inex One to access specialized expertise from multiple networks. Contact us to learn how.