24 Aug 2020

Research on the Horizon

Max FribergCEO at Inex One
Business Insights

Investors pour money into expert networks to get insights. However, they often end up speaking with the same set of experts through a few “plain vanilla” expert networks. These investors risk to limit their own perspectives and get info no different from their competitors.

Instead, a growing set of investors use Inex One to access specialized expert networks. They get unique insights – far beyond what their competitors do.

A similar approach is used in astronomy: the Event Horizon Telescope is a combination of major global telescopes. Combined, these telescopes collect data that they couldn't get separately.

Image of the Earth and the units making up the Event Horizon Telescope

It's about who you know

Expert networks have been around for two decades. The first expert networks built their own databases of experts that they would introduce clients to. This proved lucrative: once recruited, each expert could be introduced to multiple clients. GLG has built the largest such database of 700,000 experts, over more than two decades.

However, in recent years its database has been dwarfed by the growth of those publicly available. For example, LinkedIn now counts almost 700 million users, growing quickly.

Illustration of the number of profiles on LinkedIn and in GLG's database

Nothing is older than yesterday's news

GLG has been around for 20 years, which means that some of its 700,000 profiles are no longer relevant as experts. Data ages quickly and most experts are just relevant for 2-5 years (the "sweet spot" between an expiring non-compete and having too outdated information).

Conversely, LinkedIn profiles are kept accurate and fresh by the users themselves. This shows the most relevant expert today, not who used to be relevant for your research.

Need insight? Go above and beyond.

So how do you access the most relevant experts? You work with the most relevant expert networks.

This is the reason we built Inex One: a one-stop-shop for expert network services. You use it to access the expert networks specialized on the topics that you care about.

Are you researching healthcare/ life sciences? We partner with three expert network firms focused on this covering all parts of the globe. Care about TMT? We have the right firms for you. Because in a world of abundant data, the right expert can make all the difference.

World map with expert networks available on Inex One

Ready to launch?

Inex One has no subscription fees or hidden fees. You pay only for calls made. Get started here.

Inex One rising on the horizon

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