03 May 2024

Shared insights are double insights

Max FribergCEO at Inex One

We're launching Workspaces!

Users can now invite 3rd parties to collaborate on projects. 🤝

Imagine you are...

  1. a Private Equity investor and want your consultants to see what you already know on a deal (and avoid them duplicating your expert interview work).

  2. a Strategy Consulting team, and want to work closer with your end-client, sharing raw findings as you progress.

  3. a Corporate Strategy professional, who wants the raw data (that you're anyways paying for).

Collaborate on survey findings, expert lists, call recordings, transcripts and AI summaries - in one platform.

Originally, Inex One helped customers (MR firms, strategy teams and consultants, private equity investors) to engage with one or multiple expert networks (for IDIs), or a survey vendor.

For the customer, the value-add was access to a global range of vendors, with easy single-point contracting, workflows, and billing through Inex One. We're proud that this product is rated #1 on G2!

Last year, we enabled Survey multi-sourcing. In addition to getting bids from multiple survey companies in one place, the customer can now partition the survey across multiple vendors (e.g. "you fill the LatAm quota; you fill the EU-5", etc.). This was a hit in the MR industry, where senior thought leaders have given great public testimonials.

Our new Workspaces feature lets customers collaborate with other customers

A prime example is a private equity firm - or a corporate strategy team - who engages an external consultant for a project. Previously, the work process was a black box. Now, you can invite the consultant to your Inex One and see all experts, all IDI transcripts, and all survey raw data.

In addition, all research you've ever purchased is saved on Inex One. You can go back and revisit it anytime. This makes the Workspaces even more: the customer can store all raw data from IDIs and surveys that they've purchased themselves and commissioned from 3rd parties.

Invite colleagues or 3rd party collaborators on Inex One

Customers who reuse insights from previous work end up spending less on future projects. Invite your guests here or book a demo.