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Max Friberg
CEO at Inex One
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To support CDD and deal teams working remotely, Inex One drops all system fees for the next 3 months (April-June 2020).

Working from home can be tricky. If you are a deal team using expert networks, you may now access Inex One for free. No more emailing of spreadsheets of experts, swamped inboxes or offline call notes. Streamline your team’s primary research in one platform.

Illustration of how Inex One improves the workflow

Work efficiently with expert networks using Inex One.

What is Inex One?

One platform for all your expert network interactions:

  • Collaborate with your team and manage all expert networks in one place.
  • No more emails; Review and schedule experts from multiple networks in one dashboard, one format.
  • Share call transcripts and notes with colleagues.

What is included in the offer?

Use Inex One free of system fees for 3 months (April-June 2020). Manage your existing expert network interactions, or access the many expert networks already available on the platform. You pay only the per-call fees per expert interaction, as shown in the platform.

How does Inex One improve my workflow?

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Screenshot from the Inex One project dashboard

Collaborate with your team, manage all expert networks in one place.

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