20 Sep 2021

Our vision, mission and purpose

Max FribergCEO at Inex One

Early 2021, the team sat down to nail our mission/vision statements. After 3+ years in business, we all knew roughly what we were doing.
Most of us said something like this:

“Expert networks are great, but also a pain to work with. They’re expensive and opaque. The market is inefficient, which frustrates clients, experts, and employees at the networks.

Inex One will partner with smart expert networks to improve the industry, and the user experience will be amazing.”

That definition was all good, and if you work in finance, “you get it”.

But our target group isn’t just finance and strategy professionals, but also software devs, UX designers and salespeople. We needed something more crisp: a one-liner that we could print on our office wall or pitch in an elevator.

So we learned that mission-vision-statements should go like this:

Inex One vision, mission and purpose

Our vision, mission and purpose (copy: https://davidburkus.com/2020/05/whats-the-difference-between-vision-mission-and-purpose/)

After some wordsmithing back-and-forth, we arrived at:

  • Our purpose: To improve the exchange of expertise around the globe.

  • Our mission: To build an efficient marketplace for expertise.

  • Our vision: A world without barriers to knowledge, where decisions are informed by humanity's best expertise.

These are in turn represented by goals set by each of our teams: Tech, Sales/CSM, Product and Admin/Operations.

A goal needs a number in it, and it should be bold, like:

  • “From January to December 2021, we will increase our client Net promoter score (NPS) from very good (40) to world class (70)”

  • "Referrals and SEO will generate 20 relevant inbound client firms each month”

Six months in, the statements still hold, and we are growing faster than ever. That’s great because it means we are on track to achieve our purpose. Inex One helps the entire expert network industry work better. That’s important because:

Why expert networks matter

Expert networks are brokers of knowledge – all the stuff that is too niche, quirky, timely or contextual for anyone to put it in writing or audio. Expert networks are the Google of niche information, like this:

For a double-click on this graph, check out How consultants and PEs use expert networks (link)

Knowledge is something where more is always better, but it needs help spreading. Our society has some big bad problems that we must solve in the coming decades.

And [more efficient] expert networks help disseminate possible solutions [faster].

Therefore, our mission is to build an efficient marketplace for expertise.

Cool – how’s it going?

Inex One takes out the waste from the expert network value chain. Thanks to this, expert networks operate more efficiently on Inex One, spending less OPEX per revenue unit.

Specialized expert networks on Inex One

Consequently, expert networks operating on Inex One enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage versus other networks. This translates into efficiency gains for expert networks and cost savings for clients, with some clients saving >40% of expert network cost.

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