Age-tech scaleup Sensorem gets insights with Inex One

Sensorem is a Swedish age-tech scaleup founded in 2019. The company manufactures and sells smart watches with personal safety alarms, targeted to seniors.

The Sensorem team started out serving the Swedish market which they knew well. A few years in, they wanted to expand internationally. They turned to Inex One to run expert interviews in Germany, the UK, France, Norway, Denmark and Finland, to understand the respective markets and decide where to invest their resources.

They got a fast turnaround, cost-efficient expert interviews, and free automated AI transcripts of all expert interviews. Sensorem has since then returned for follow-up interviews with certain experts, to inform their continued international expansion.

Inex One offers great service and pricing. They are much more affordable than the big networks and their tech platform is also really smart. Using Inex One has saved a ton of time for our team on multiple projects.

- Johan Danielsson, COO at Sensorem

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