Ernströmgruppen gets expertise, efficient tech and global reach

Ernströmgruppen is a family-owned industrial group that together with entrepreneurs wants to build better businesses for future generations. The team at Ernströmgruppen regularly uses Inex One, when analyzing investments and strategic opportunities.

Ernströmgruppen considered using traditional expert networks, before deciding on Inex One. They chose Inex One due to its efficient tech platform, global coverage, and the compelling pay-per-use model.

With Inex One, we can access subject-matter experts fast and efficiently. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly. The transcripts and AI summaries are great, and their customer service is excellent. Inex One combines the reach of multiple global expert networks, with the simplicity of a modern SaaS.

- Eskil Nilsson, Head Of Business Development at Ernströmgruppen AB

Inex One is the marketplace for expert network services and B2B surveys. More than 5,000 users worldwide get their market insights fast on Inex One, conducting commercial due diligence, market research, and research for corporate strategy and M&A.