Leading management consulting firm reduces time spent on expert calls by 20%


An engagement manager at the Singapore office of a leading management consulting firm worked on a commercial due diligence for a private equity client.

Asian markets are infamous for being difficult to source and recruit experts in. Global expert networks often lack the local expertise or language skills needed to identify leading experts in niche fields. The local expert network landscape is very scattered, with several regional champions in the different markets.


To streamline its expert sourcing process and to find more relevant experts, the consulting firm turned to Inex One. Inex One connects businesses with specialized and regional expert networks, making it easy for clients to find the right experts for its projects.


Inex One’s specialized networks enabled the team to access local experts in each of the relevant regions. Fast turnaround time and deep local knowledge quickly proved to be a successful recipe, and the team managed to reduce the time spent on expert calls by 20% compared to similar projects in the past.