Simplifying and controlling expert calls spend for an investment firm


A global investment management firm wanted to better track and control its spending on expert calls for each project. The client had struggled to allocate the cost of calls with different expert networks to the right teams, track their overall spending and quality of vendors, and pay the invoices from different expert networks on time.


Inex One streamlined invoicing from 10+ invoices per month into one. The research management team can now see its spending per investment professional and per expert network in real time. Using the platform, the client moved to a pay-as-you-go model, simplifying cost allocation and avoiding large prepayments. 


Inex One helped streamline the client's complex billing and cost-mapping process. The client saved 15% of their expert network costs by reducing significant prepayments and paying lower effective fees per call. In addition, the research management team freed up time from expert network administration to use on more high-value work.