Understanding supply-side best practices in the beverages market


A global management consulting and strategy firm wanted to understand the best practices for manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution for specific categories of the beverages market.

They were looking for experts with different backgrounds with experience in niche beverage categories. The client needed:

  • 20 expert interviews

  • 3 countries in LATAM to analyze

  • 5 different beverage categories.


Our proprietary algorithm matched the client with three specialized expert networks:

  1. Ivy Exec - Industry agnostic network with North American niche

  2. Accurate Insight - LATAM specialist

  3. Mosaic Research Management -  Custom recruiting network

The first call took place less than 24 hrs after the project launch. With 54 profiles submitted by the networks, the client used Inex One to conduct all required calls. Some of the profiles were:

  • Former CMO,

  • Former Commercial VP, and

  • Former National Sales Manager.


The client could make an in-depth analysis of the industry, thanks to the insights from the expert calls. Thanks to the efficiency of the Inex One model, the client made significant efficiency and cost gains.