Understanding the worldwide marketing and ad services industry landscape


A global management consultancy firm researched the Marketing as a Service (MaaS) industry. They looked for experts on customer segmentation, tech trends, and the competitive landscape. Target profiles were mostly customers of MaaS firms.

The client needed:

• 24 expert interviews

• 6 markets to analyze (North America, Germany, China, Japan, France, and the UK), with 4 experts from each country

• 2 weeks deadline


The Inex One algorithm connected them with 4 specialized expert networks:

Focal Fact - Global player with a niche in tech

Six Degrees - The China specialist

Colift - Expert network focused on DACH and Central Europe

Zintro - A global generalist with an extensive network

The client got 84 different experts. Leading experts the client spoke to included some of the following profiles:

1. Chief Marketing Officer

2. Director of Marketing

3. Head of Digital Marketing.


The Client gained in-depth insight into the MaaS industry in their target markets. Thanks to the experts, they developed a deep understanding of the key purchasing criteria of their customers.