New updates and improvements to Inex One.

May 31, 2024
All users

Survey platform - various fixes

We've made plenty of little improvements to the Survey platform and related notifications - ranging from copy to minor UI components.

May 31, 2024
All users

My Team page

We've updated the Team stats page, making it the default view and improving copy.

It's now easier than ever to invite colleagues and team members, to boost your ENS and collaborate with colleagues. 🌟

June 06, 2024

Expert pool (for Expert Networks)

Search all experts your team has ever uploaded to projects on Inex One.

  • Keyword search title and company.

  • Filter on employment type (former is the default), company name, and when the expert ended their employment (former only).

  • The displayed career entry dynamically updates depending on matches with your keyword search and filters.

Clicking on an expert opens a drawer, letting you view/edit its General details (contact details and career history) and see which projects they have been added to.

"Add to project" will add the expert to the pipeline in one of your projects. You can multi-select to mass-add experts on the left-hand side. The "Relevant career entry" in a project will automatically be set to the matching career entry from your search.

Adding/editing experts

There are some changes for editing an expert, specifically regarding the career history.

When you open an expert within a project there are two distinct sections:

  1. General details (contact details and career history)

  2. Project details (expert pitch, career entries to display, screening answers, calendar availability, etc.)

By default, all career entries from the General details are shown for a specific project. Toggle "Show career entry for this project" to select which entries to show for a specific project.

Adding, editing, or deleting career entries

Career entries can only be added, edited, or deleted via the General details. You access them from either the expert pool or at the top of an expert within a project.

Changes to General details impact the career entries shown in any project the expert is in:

  • Adding: the entry will not be shown by default in the current or any other projects the expert is in.

  • Editing: the entry will be edited in all projects, current and other, that the expert is in.

  • Deleting: the entry will not be deleted from any project in which the career entry is currently set to be shown, it will be deleted from the Global details and not shown in any future projects.

In summary, editing impacts all projects an expert is in, deleting only affects the Global details and future projects.

To get used to this new flow, we suggest you initially avoid deleting career entries.

Browser extension

The extension received two minor improvements:

  1. If the expert already exists in your expert pool, it will automatically be added to your selected project.

  2. If the expert is already added to your selected project, it will be displayed in the extension.

May 31, 2024
All users

Improved notifications settings (Clients)

Notification settings are now simplified. As part of a project, users can now edit email settings of their colleagues.

Invite your entire team, and define what notifications they should each receive. Perhaps the Associates want to be notified about all new experts, while the Partner only wants calendar invitations and a Daily digest of what's new? You got it.

And fear not - all team members receive calendar invitations, regardless of settings.