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“Inex One has been a game-changer for us, particularly in the niche B2B survey space. We have more than a dozen firms at our fingertips to help us fill sample among hard-to-reach audiences in a short period of time. The platform is easy to use and their partners' data quality is superb.”
Lynn PellicanoDirector of Market Research at Simon-Kucher & Partners

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Effortlessly streamline your survey workflow. Easily find and compare the top survey vendors all in one place.


Flexible pricing that fits your needs. With our pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for what you use - nothing more.

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Stay ahead of the curve with custom recruited experts that fits your needs and research angle.

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Simplify your accounting and stay on top of your spending. With Inex One, you'll receive one invoice per project, no matter how many vendors you engage.

Investment bank reduced ENS cost by >40% with Inex One.

DNB | Case study

"We quickly saw the benefits of using Inex One."

DNB switched to Inex One to get a cost-efficient and flexible solution for research. Thanks to Inex One, DNB has reduced cost for expert network services by more than 40%.

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Access a wide set of B2B panels with flexible pricing and custom expert sourcing. Streamline your workflow and get the best quality available.

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