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Expert networks are a popular tool to get critical business insights. But how do you choose which expert network is best for you?

Below, you can compare Inex One to traditional expert network platforms.

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Compare GLG vs Guidepoint vs Third Bridge vs Alphasights - and Inex One!


Inex One



Third Bridge



Payment model


$50k prepayment


$50k prepayment


Average cost per interview


$1,350/h *

$1,200/h *

$1,350/h *

$1,450/h *


Number of experts

3.5 million

1 million

1.4 million

not disclosed

not disclosed

Custom-recruited experts


Platform to review experts

Phone and video call options

Free call recordings and transcripts





Library of all your past calls and transcripts





One platform to access multiple networks





Survey platform

Offers surveys


Competitive survey bids from multiple vendors





Robust compliance

* Many traditional expert networks obscure their true pricing by charging for “credits”. While the price per credit may be lower, many expert networks routinely charge multiple credits per expert call. This makes the true price higher. For comparison, Inex One’s prices are only quoted in the currency of your choice (USD, EUR, GBP etc.), with median historic prices being $1,050/h. See our explainer on expert network pricing here.

Competitive data on this page was collected as of March 2023 and is subject to change or update. This page is updated from time to time to reflect any material changes.

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>6,000 professionals use Inex One

“Being able to work with multiple networks in one platform is great - we save a ton of time. Inex One is now our only expert network provider. We don't need anything else.”

Benoit Jacob
Investor at DN Capital

“Inex One has an excellent track record for supporting the primary research objectives of our consulting case teams. Whether we’re in need of industry experts or a high-quality online panel population, their network partners expand our reach meaningfully. Particularly on quick turnaround projects, the technology in their platform helps by streamlining communication and workflow.”

Jack Colligan
Director at Fulcrum Consulting Group

“Inex One's new AI summaries are best in class. They are much faster than the ones other networks are offering, very crisp and accurate enough to directly be shared with the team & partners.”

Nura Oumran
Manager at CIL Management Consultants

“Inex One's expert networks are really fast at providing relevant experts. Also, the platform feels very modern vs. more old-school communication styles like using e-mails or calling people.”

Nora Suthoff
Senior manager M&A at Deloitte

“Inex One has been a game-changer for us, particularly in the niche B2B survey space. We have more than a dozen firms at our fingertips to help us fill sample among hard-to-reach audiences in a short period of time. The platform is easy to use and their partners' data quality is superb.”

Lynn Pellicano
Director of Market Research at Simon-Kucher & Partners

“Inex One was way better than we had expected. The platform is easy to use and gave us access to great experts, fast. Inex One is a fresh improvement over the traditional expert networks.”

Giacomo Schwartz
Sparrow Ventures, ex-McKinsey

“The Inex One platform provides us with great insights across geographies and industries, having 25+ networks at your disposal is game-changing”

Taichi Takagi
Consultant at Sigmaxyz

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