Control your expert networks.

  • Control all expert networks in one master portal.
  • Get notifications for the things that matter to you, by defining custom rules.
  • Retain all chats with expert networks and experts, including optional recordings and transcripts of expert interviews.

Compliance professionals value having a central dashboard for all expert network management. As an independent tech provider, we are incentivized to support your objectives – not to sell interviews at any cost. Some expert interviews should not take place, and we support you in identifying which ones.


Compliance in a box

Clients use Inex One’s compliance system for two broad purposes:

  • You want to avoid soliciting or receiving confidential information from expert interviews.
  • You want to control what – if any – information about you that is shared with experts.

Inex One is the most technologically advanced compliance system in the expert network industry. The system enables our clients to protect their firm, and helps experts manage conflicts of interest. Our compliance technology is a major competitive differentiator. Take complete control of your expert networks today.


Compliance professionals use Inex One to monitor all expert interviews in real time, and get custom notifications based on their own preferences and compliance restrictions.

In one portal, you can review all experts’ biographies, relevant knowledge and past interactions with your firm. Define rules to get notified – or automatically disqualify – experts with certain attributes (e.g. those employed at public companies currently or in the past 12 months).

Define custom messages that are read out to experts at the start of every interview, or questions that they must respond to before being presented to your teams.

If you have any questions about compliance at Inex One, please contact, or call +1 (646) 798-6184.

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