Putting privacy first

Data protection at Inex One meets the highest international standards. We know that our clients require best-in-class protection of their data, while needing smooth integration with compliance teams.

Whatever your level of concern about data protection, the Inex One Expert Management System is here to support you.

Inex One puts data protection and privacy first

Data protection at the
highest standard

Inex One is compliant with SOC 2 and GDPR requirements, the most advanced international legislations on data protection, governance and privacy.

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) encompasses the security, availability and confidentiality of the EMS, and is audited annually by a third-party firm. Data protection is central to our organization, which is manifested in a continuous work with our ISMS. This includes but is not limited to frequent security training of employees, assessments of vendors, advanced data encryption and automated threat monitoring. We work closely with our clients to align on best practices in handling their confidential data.

Designed to
keep your data secure

  • Admin controls

    The Inex One EMS admin console empowers administrators with control features and full oversight of users and access rights within the organization.

  • Domain verification

    Only users with an email from a pre-verified organization domain can sign up to the EMS. Existing users can only invite new users from their own organization.

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

    Organizations with premium subscription can configure SSO to allow team members to access the EMS by signing into a central identity provider.

  • Information silos

    All expert interactions are arranged by the expert networks. Inex One never takes part of, or has access to, information that is being shared in consultations.

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