2023 Expert Network Market Sizing

An extensive dataset mapping 43 leading expert networks over 10 years.

  • Estimated 2012-2022 revenue for 43 top expert networks, including source detail

  • Market share development 2012-2022

  • 2020-2023 Hiring trends per top-15 expert network

  • Headcount and productivity benchmarks

  • Breakdown of spend by region (US, EMEA, RoW)

  • Breakdown of spend by customer segment, and segment characteristics

Trends and outlook:

  • Covid-19 impact on companies' hiring

  • Commentary on 2022-H2 industry slowdown and impact per top-15 expert network

  • 2023 outlook per top-15 expert network


  • Financial statements

  • Expert interviews (current and former management)

  • Glassdoor posts

  • Benchmarks (headcount and LinkedIn numbers for followers & employees)

  • LinkedIn data trend indicators

  • Bi-weekly trends in job openings during 2020-23