2024 Expert Network Market Sizing

An extensive dataset (spreadsheets) mapping the 34 leading expert networks over 12 years.

  • Estimated 2012-2023 revenue for the 34 top expert networks, including source detail.

  • Market share development 2012-2023 by individual network, by Category and Generation of expert network.

  • 2020-2024 Hiring trends per top-15 expert network.

  • Headcount and productivity benchmarks.

  • Breakdown of spend by region (US, EMEA, RoW).

  • Breakdown of spend by customer segment, and segment characteristics, including client segment evolution 2020-2024.

Trends and outlook:

  • Commentary on "Major events in 2023" to each expert network.

  • 2024 outlook for the top-15 expert networks, including possible M&A activity.

  • Commentary on client segment evolution.

  • Commentary on the impact of transcript libraries.

Edits from previous versions:

  • Removed a few less relevant expert networks that previously made the list.

  • Categorized all spend by consulting firms as "Consulting". In previous versions of this report, we left a third of it in the PE category. We made this change to reflect that it is the Consulting firms who decide which expert networks they spend the money with, even though they spend it on projects for a PE fund.


  • Financial statements

  • Expert interviews (current and former management)

  • Glassdoor posts

  • Benchmarks (headcount and LinkedIn numbers for followers & employees)

  • LinkedIn data trend indicators

  • Bi-weekly trends in job openings during 2020-24

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