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Manage all expert networks in one dashboard

With Inex One, you can finally manage all your expert networks in one place. Use smart tools to compare and rate experts, no matter the source. Discuss the expert with your team or the expert network, and schedule calls directly in the platform.

Smooth collaboration

Forget about endless emailing and duplicate experts.

Effortless billing

Achieve real-time transparency, with all calls in one monthly invoice.

Seamless integration

Get started today with single sign-on (SSO).

Unique usage data

Gain a better understanding of your usage of expert network services with customizable analytics tools.

  • Real-time usage data
  • True cost of expert calls/provider
  • Compliance logs, reports and analytics

Commitment to security and compliance

Data protection at Inex One meets the highest international standards.

We know that efficient primary research relies on robust security and data protection. Enjoy best-in-class security solutions, without compromising on smooth integration with your compliance teams.


Be great at primary research

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