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Purpose of the Expert Network Directory

The Expert Network Directory is intended to guide client organizations to navigate the insights industry. It is an extension of our previous article on the market size of expert networks, listing all networks that we come across.

An expert network specializes in finding experts for its clients. Its employees browse the web to find the individuals most knowledgeable about any given topic. Since only ~25% of internet users speak English as their first language, there is ample room for expert networks to specialize by language region (e.g. Latin America, DACH, or Southeast Asia). Other expert networks specialize by industry vertical, with some networks focusing on e.g. Healthcare or TMT.

Use this guide to compare expert networks. For clarifications on the categories, see our article about how expert networks operate. For comments, questions or corrections on the expert network directory, please contact us.

Standard Expert Networks

Africa Expert NetworkUSAFocused on the African continent
AlphaSightsUKOne of the larger expert networks. Founded in 2008, it was one of the first firms to successfully reduce GLG’s market dominance. The founders had a background in consulting with McKinsey and BCG.
Apex LeadersUSABoutique firm, also offering HR/recruitment
AtheneumGermanyOne of the larger expert networks. Founded in 2010 by former consultants from L.E.K. and Kaiser Associates.
AtriumUSAStarted late 2018, also developing a DIY Marketplace.
Avalon RedSpainFocused on Spain and Latin America
Bioinformatics IncUSAFocused on life sciences, medtech
BridgerUSAExpert network using freelancers to recruit the experts. Started in 2019 by former Guidepoint managers.
Business Connect ChinaChinaFocused on China.
CandourUKFocused on the Energy sector
CapvisionChinaOne of the larger expert networks. Capvision originally focused on China, but has expanded globally in recent years.
CatalantUSACatalant mainly coordinates longer-term consulting projects, but offers expert calls as a component. Formerly called HourlyNerd.
ColemanUSAOne of the larger expert networks, and an early proponent of an expert network aggregator.
Deepbench.ioUSADevelops SW for corporates to share their employees through expert networks. Started in 2018. The firm posts information about client projects publicly on its website.
DeMatteo ResearchUSAOne of the oldest networks, today medium-sized.
DialecticaUKFounded 2015, has grown rapidly in the European consulting segment, with its low-cost offering.
ENG llcUSAA medium-sized expert network, focused on buy-side firms.
ExpertConnectUSAMedium-sized expert network
Experts NetworksIndiaStarted in 2018
ExpertViewUKRelaunched in 2019 after being inactive
FlexingitIndiaIndia-focused expert network.
Focal FactIrelandStarted in 2019 by former GLG managers.
Futureminds ConsultingIndiaFocused on South Asia
GLGUSAThe largest expert network, founded in 1998. Pioneered the industry and holds a significant market share, although growth is now lagging its peers.
GuidepointUSAGuidepoint is one of the larger expert networks. It was founded in 2003.
InfollionIndiaOne of the larger India-focused expert networks
InfomineoMoroccoInfomineo was founded in 2011 as a business research firm. In 2018 it branched into the expert network industry, focusing on the Middle East and Africa.
Insight AlphaIndiaOne of the larger India-focused expert networks
Insight ConnectFranceFocused on French PE clients. Started 2011.
Inventiv InsightsIndiaStarted in 2019
iResearchChinaStarted in 2018
Kingfish GroupUSABoutique expert network/recruitment firm
Knowledge RidgeIndiaMid-sized global expert network, specialized in customized research across all industries. Founded in 2016 by former GLG and ENG llc managers.
LB NetworksUKStarted in 2018
Lynk.globalHong KongOne of the larger expert networks.
Magellan Research GroupUSAMedium-sized expert network founded in 2014 by former AlphaSights managers.
Maven ResearchUSAFounded in 2008, Maven Research has focused on corporate customers. The firm posts information about client projects publicly on its website.
Mosaic ResearchUSAOffers various reporting services, along with experts.
Noble InsightsUSAFocused on custom recruiting for the buy-side
Nordic Knowledge PartnersDenmarkFocused on the Nordics
Orbit PartnersUKFormerly known as advisme
PresansFranceFocused on corporate clients
Pride AdvisoryUSAExpert network arm of HR/recruitment firm Pride Global.
Primary InsightUSAFormerly in-house at Bear Stearns, J.P. Morgan.
Pro-Matrix & CoChinaFocused on China, various HR services.
Ridgetop ResearchUSAMedium-sized network.
Silverlight researchUKFounded Nov-17, has grown quickly since
SpeakinIndiaFocused on experts from the Indian subcontinent
TegusUSAStarted in 2016.
Third BridgeUKOne of the larger expert networks. Founded in 2007 as Cognolink, it was one of the first firms to successfully reduce GLG’s market dominance. The founders had a background in consulting with Bain & Company.
TransGlobal InsightUKPreviously inactive, recently restarted
VedakIndiaSmall firm, specialized on India
visasQJapanSpecialized on Japan
Workvi ExpertsSwedenStarted in 2016, focused on the Nordics.
Xperts CouncilFranceMedium sized firm with offices in London, Paris and Porto. Sector agnostic with global coverage, focusing on 100% custom sourcing.

Alternative Expert Network Business Models

NameHQ Comment
AskWonder.comUSAAskWonder offers “Expert Q&A” services, with a flexible workforce doing desktop research and simpler data collection gigs on demand.
Bioexpert NetworkUSANetwork using freelancers to recruit experts. Started 2018
CIQ GroupUKDIY Marketplace, focused on longer projects. Founded in 2018 by former AlphaSights managers.
Clarity.fmUSADIY Marketplace, focused on startups
CognitionXUKDIY Marketplace, focused on AI questions
Experty.ioPolandDIY Marketplace, did an ICO and launched Nov-2018
LinkToExpert USADIY Marketplace, likely inactive
MonoclSwedenMachine-driven, focused on medical experts and medical key opinion leaders
NewtonXUSANewtonX is a machine-driven expert network started in 2016. Its focus on survey data collection has paid off – with $15 million of fresh venture capital, it looks set to take a piece of the expert network survey business.
OnFrontiersUSADIY Marketplace, focused on emerging markets
ProSapientUKProsapient is a machine-driven expert network started in 2018. The company has grown quickly with its low-cost offering. It has made multiple angel rounds and now has 42 shareholders (many of which are employees at potential client firms).
Ramp.plusUSADIY Marketplace, started late 2018
Slingshot InsightsUSAOffers crowd-funded expert calls is a machine-driven expert network founded in 2015. It started out with a focus on life sciences under the name Biotechspert, but successfully pivoted into expert calls and raised venture capital during 2018.
XperitiIsraelMachine-driven, started 2018
YegiiNorwayDIY knowledge search engine, relaunching in 2019
ZintroUSADIY Marketplace

Inactive expert networks

The below networks are likely inactive. These firms either no longer have active websites and/or employees.

NameHQ Comment
Chime AdvisorsUKChime Advisors was a machine-driven expert network founded in 2015 and shut down in early 2019.
ORC International (Engine US)USAStandard expert network
TMT Expert NetworkPolandFocused on Technology, Media and Telecom.
Network of Experts (Greenwood)USAStandard expert network
KnowersUKDIY Marketplace.
AcoiBrazilStandard expert network
PochmakUSADIY Marketplace

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