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Alphasights is one of the larger expert networks. It was founded in 2008 and became one of the first firms to successfully reduce GLG’s market dominance, growing in tandem with Third Bridge. The founders had a background in strategy consulting.

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The history of Alphasights

When Alphasights started out, GLG was dependent on its traditional static network. Experts were recruited proactively, on fairs and from telephone directories. Onboarding an expert was time-consuming and complex. Alphasights, lacking a database of experts, began recruiting experts directly for live projects. To enable this, they sped up the onboarding of experts, with modern tech tools and user-friendly interfaces. This business model’s success was supported by the even faster growth of LinkedIn. Today, the company combines a large database with custom recruiting.

Alphasights pricing

Alphasights has among the highest prices in the industry, only rivalled by GLG. Here's Alphasights' pricing in 2023 and 2024. A 1-hour call is typically 1-1.3 credits.

Credits purchased2023 price/credit2024 price/credit2024 Total cost for credit package
15-credit trial$1,700$1,700$25,500

As the bull market gave way to a softer economy and fewer deals, many PE funds have grown wary of expert network costs. Making large prepayments to expert networks is less attractive, when you're busy making cuts to overheads and indirect spend. Consequently, we've seen an inflow of Alphasights customers to Inex One in 2023-24. We encourage you to compare Alphasights' pricing above to Inex One's pricing here.

Alphasights focuses on core services

Whereas many other larger expert networks have long offered a range of alternative expertise services (such as transcript libraries, live conferences with experts etc.), Alphasights long stuck to their core service, only offering expert calls or meetings.

However increasingly, the company now offers surveys, insights projects (similar to GLG's Strategic projects), and a content library named AlphaView. AlphaView is similar to the Third Bridge Forum content library, although significantly smaller.

Growth and awards

In early 2022, Alphasights had more than 1,200 employees across its 9 offices in 7 countries. Associates manage both research (expert recruitment), client account management and sales for their accounts. This differs from GLG and Third Bridge, who have separated the research role and customer-facing sales roles. As a result, Alphasights has kept a higher productivity/ yield per employee than most peers and managed to retain key employees. The company has established its name as an attractive employer, receiving multiple Best Workplace Awards in recent years.

Alphasights was featured in our expert network benchmarking from June-July 2018, receiving one of the highest rankings. The company is sometimes confused with its India-based competitor Insight Alpha, which was founded in the same year.

AlphaSights and Insight Alpha logos

Alphasights historic milestones

  • 2008 – Founded in London, backed by a €3m investment from Acton Capital.

  • 2011 – New York office opened

  • 2012 – Hong Kong office opened

  • 2013 – Dubai office opened

  • 2015 – San Francisco office opened

  • 2016 – Hamburg, Shanghai and Seoul offices opened

  • 2017 – Tokyo office opened

  • 2019 – Inex One identified Alphasights as a global leader in our expert network review.

  • 2021 - Inex One reaffirmed Alphasights as a global leader in the expert network market sizing.

Alphasights cubs

Former employees at Alphasights have gone on to found expert networks, including:

  • 2014 - Magellan Research Group launched in New York.

  • 2015 - Dialectica launched, headquartered in Athens, Greece.

  • 2016 - Tegus launched in San Francisco, offering a content library alongside regular expert calls.

  • 2019 - Arbolus launched in London.

  • 2021 - Sanibel Group launched in New York, by an ex-Alphasights and Arbolus employee.

For the curious, check out this Alphasights company presentation (link) at the 2012 NOAH London conference, where the founders' explained their business model.

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