Arbolus / Collective IQ Group (CiQ)

Arbolus is an expert network operating a DIY Marketplace model. Two former AlphaSights managers joined forces to start Arbolus under the name CiQ Group in 2018. The company rebranded as Arbolus in 2019, which is today the client-facing name.

Arbolus is one of the firms outright stating they use AI and machine learning in their work. Other machine-driven expert networks include XperitiNewtonXENG llcCleverXProsapient, and Atheneum.

The company offers three services:

  1. Expert network services (recruiting experts for calls and projects)
  2. DIY tools for clients to recruit and manage their own networks of experts
  3. A knowledge platform for keeping records and transcripts of past expert interactions (similar to the Inex One Knowledge Platform)

Arbolus milestones

  • 2018 - Arbous was founded in London, UK.
  • In 2019, CiQ rebranded its service as Arbolus. The parent company remains CiQ Group.
  • Early 2020, Arbolus acquired Waterside, an upstart expert network firm launched the same year. The Waterside founder left the same year.
  • Mid-2020, announced the company goal to do 1 million advisory relationships between clients and experts by end-2021. The company set a bold ambition, which led into the subsequent fundraising.
  • 2021 - Arbolus raised $6m from Fuel Ventures and Plug and Play Ventures on a tech pitch. Curiously, they hired a CTO only the month after raising funds 🙃. The company is now headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, having relocated from London.
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