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CleverX is an expert network based in Toronto, Canada. CleverX was founded in 2017 as an DIY marketplace expert network by a former manager at Gartner.

CleverX is one of the handful of firms outright stating they use AI and machine learning in their work. Much of this technology is common across all larger expert networks. That said, various networks emphasize it more than others in their marketing. These include Xperiti, NewtonX, ENG llc, Prosapient, and Atheneum (after its acquisition of Chime Advisors)..

Visit the company website here.

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The Xperiti expert network was started in 2017 and went live in 2018. Xperiti is a machine-driven expert network, analyzing large datasets.

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NewtonX is a machine-driven expert network started in 2016. It was initially focused on regular expert network services, but now offers surveys.

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ProSapient started in 2018 in London and operates a regular expert network.

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