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The DeepBench expert network was founded in 2017 by four MIT students and is headquartered in Boston. It had 8 full-time staff in August 2019.

DeepBench operates a few different business models:

  1. A regular expert network service (standard on-demand recruitment).
  2. A DIY marketplace, where clients can browse DeepBench’s existing network to connect with experts.
  3. A software solution that helps firms identify internal experts and make them available for expert network consultations.

The latter business model is similar to the “organizational expertise map” proposed by Xperiti.

Booking expert calls on the DeepBench DIY marketplace can be much cheaper than using traditional expert networks’ services. DeepBench clients choosing the “Self-Service” option are charged between $300 and $500 for a standard one hour call.

DeepBench has taken in an investment from Macquarie bank, helping it to promote its analysts to external clients.

In July 2020, DeepBench secured an undisclosed amount of funding through a strategic partnership with VisasQ, one of the leading expert networks in the Japanese market. DeepBench announced it was planning to use the new funding to expand its team and enter new markets.

Visit DeepBench’s website here.

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