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Dexter expert network

Dexter Expert Network was started in 2019. It is an expert network division of DeciBio, a life sciences research and consulting firm.

Dexter Expert Network operates a standard expert network, focused on experts in healthcare/ life sciences.

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The Techspert expert network was founded in 2015, as a machine-driven expert network in Cambridge, UK. It raised £1.1m venture capital in 2018, and £3.75 in 2020.

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FirstThought expert network logo


FirstThought was a mid-sized expert network headquartered in New York. The company was founded in 2020 by former managers at Guidepoint managers, focusing on the life sciences and healthcare industries. FirstThought grew quickly but failed to reach profitability. It went bankrupt and ceased operations in August 2023.

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Bioexpert Network

Bioexpert Network is an expert network based in Barcelona, Spain. Bioexpert Network was started in 2017. It uses freelancers to recruit experts.

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