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H201 Expert Network

H201 Expert Network is a Thailand-based expert network with headquarters in Bangkok. It was founded in 2020 as a part of employer branding platform platform H201. The firm claimed to have 85 000+ expert advisors in its database, as of June 2020.

Inex One has identified Capvision and VisasQ as regional champions in Asia.

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Asia CEO Network

Asia CEO Network is an expert network based in Bangkok, Thailand. Asia CEO Network started in 2010 as an informal network of senior business leaders.

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Lynk expert network logo

Lynk expert network

The Lynk Global expert network was founded in Singapore in 2015 as The Straits Network. Lynk's founder is a PE and hedge fund professional.

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Technical Expert Network

Technical Expert Network (TEN) is an expert network based in Singapore. It focuses of technical experts to customers in Southeast Asia.

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