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Inactive expert networks

Yegii was an expert network and DIY knowledge search engine. It was started in 2013, went inactive in 2015, and is set to relaunch during 2019-20.

VeriMed was an expert network focused on B2C, serving consumers with access to medical expertise. The core business was having physicians generate written content (healthcare advice and assessments) on demand.

TMT Expert Network was a Polish expert network founded in 2015, focused on Technology, Media and Telecom. It operated only briefly if at all.

TransGlobal Insight was an expert network started in London in 2015 and operating for a few years.

The Expert Connectors was launched in 2020 as part of Fronteer, a strategy firm in Amsterdam with a team of 25 specialists. While Fronteer remains, the expert network branch closed shop mid-2021.

Sightlinx was an Expert Network in the health and wellness industry, operating 2012-13.

Roulston Research was an expert network based in the Ohio, USA. Roulston Research operated between 2006-2015.

Primary Global Research (PGR) was an expert network based in Mountain View, California. Although inactive since years, it is noteworthy for its history - so we let it keep its own Directory page.

Pride Advisory was a small expert network launched in 2019 as the expert network arm of HR/ recruitment firm Pride Global. The firm operated for about a year before shutting down.

Previro was an expert network based in Stockholm. Previro was co-founded in 2016 and sold in 2018 by Inex One co-founder Max Friberg. As it has relevance to Inex One clients, we let it keep its own Directory page.

Pochmak was a small expert network founded in 2019 by two Columbia Uni alumni in NYC. As of early 2023, the firm is tiny (1 employee) and most likely inactive.

Nordic Knowledge Partners (NKP) was an expert network based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It started in 2016 as Mintebi, operating a "DIY Marketplace" (where experts and clients would sign up independently and find each other on the platform). The company pivoted in 2017 to a standard expert network model. NKP shut down its expert network in 2021, to instead focus on a proprietary data set of merger intelligence focused on the Nordics.

Greenwood Research is a research firm that operated a branch called "The Network of Experts". While the website is still operational, it looks so ancient, we deem them to be outdated.

Monocl was an expert network focused on medical experts and medical key opinion leaders. As it was not native to the expert network industry, Monocl describes itself as a cloud-based stakeholder platform although the use cases and clients are directly matching those of other expert networks. Over three funding rounds, it raised a total of approx. $4,5 m, before being acquired by Definitive Healthcare in 2020.

LB Networks was an expert network headquartered in London. LB Networks was started in 2018, with one team member having experience from Silverlight Research. In 2021, the company was shut down, and a co-founder briefly joined Consverge (an expert network aggregator) before moving on.

KnowledgeX was an expert network headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It operated briefly in 2019-2021.

JC Moritz was an expert network headquartered in Shanghai, China. It was founded in 2011 with former managers from Business Connect China, and closed shop in 2021. The company had a focus on the healthcare/ pharma/ medtech industry in China. is a firm based in Poland launched in November 2018. The company was originally set up as a "DIY marketplace" expert network, where experts were to be paid in cryptocurrency. planned for an ICO in 2019, but soon pivoted the entire business. It is no longer considered an expert network.

Experts Networks was a small expert network started in 2018. It was based in Gurgaon, India and operated a standard expert network model. It shut down during 2021.

Evalueserve Circle of Experts was an expert network run within Evalueserve, a Swiss research company. Circle of Experts was originally founded in 2003 and acquired by Evalueserve in 2007. In 2011, it became part of what is today Business Connect China.

Deepbench was an expert network in Boston, founded in 2017 by four MIT students. It raised funds from Macquarie bank and the expert network VisasQ, but eventually closed down in early 2024, later to be acquired by Bridger.

Chime Advisors was an expert network in London. It was founded in 2015 by an ex-McKinsey consultant and the director of a web development agency. Chime Advisors set out to build an expert network supported by AI technology, using statistics/machine learning to identify experts. The firm was shut down in early 2019 and the CTO joined Atheneum.

Clear Horizon Research was an expert network based in Sao Paolo mainly serving European and North American clients interested in the Brazilian market.

ChatXpert was an expert network based in the United States. Founded in 2021, ChatXpert operated a "DIY marketplace" expert network, matching clients directly with experts with little or limited interaction from account managers.

Askvisory was an expert network started in 2011 as an “Expert on Demand marketplace“, what we at Inex One call a "DIY marketplace". After some years of inactivity, was rebooted in 2017 under a new CEO, with a background from Guidepoint, BCC Global and Vista Research. However, as of November 2019, Askvisory was yet again shut down.

Acoi was an expert network was based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Acoi focused on recruiting experts across Brazil with a standard expert network model.