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Infoquest is an expert network headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, with an office in London, UK. It was started in 2023 by two former Dialectica managers. The company has grown quickly since its founding.

Infoquest provides regular expert network services, with custom recruiting of experts. The firm focuses on sourcing experts across the Middle Eastern countries.

Middle East Europe

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Dialectica is an expert network headquartered in Athens, Greece and London, UK. Dialectica was founded in 2015, and has grown rapidly since.

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Infomineo is an expert network based in Casablanca, Morocco. Infomineo started out as a business research firm, focusing on the Middle East and Africa.

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Reticula is an expert network headquartered in Istanbul, Türkiye. It was founded by two former managers at Dialectica, one of whom is also an Inex One alumnus.

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Swissmen expert network

Swissmen is an expert network headquartered in Dubai. It leverages machine learning to provide core expert network services through custom recruiting.

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