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Ivy Insights

Ivy Insights is an expert network founded in 2007 based in New York, United States. They offer various research services, including phone consultations, surveys, and virtual focus groups for consulting, PE, and market research firms. 

Ivy Insights has a large network of over 2.5 million members globally of active practitioners, key opinion leaders, and decision-makers. Their proprietary network house some 2 million members in North America, with the rest in major markets in EMEA and APAC. They are industry-agnostic and most commonly serve projects for SMEs in Tech, HR, Finance, and Life Sciences. 

Ivy Exec, the parent company, had about 130 employees as of May 2022. The company services its clients from teams in both North America and Europe. In January 2023, Ivy Exec was acquired by InnovateMR for an undisclosed sum.

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