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Liahnson & Company

Liahnson & Company is an expert network headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Former managers at GLG started Liahnson in 2015. The name is a combination of the three founders' last names: Li, Ahn and Son.

The CVs of one of the co-founders of Liahnson shows the rapid growth of expert networking in Korea in the 2010's

Liahnson offers both expert network services and more extensive market research. The company focuses on experts in Southeast Asia from offices in Korea, Japan and China.

In April 2022, Liahnson was acquired by Drama & Company, the company behind Remember, a Korean "business card scanning app" and rival to LinkedIn. The acquisition was said to boost cross-selling of experts, interviews, and surveys.

Remember has 3.5 million subscribers in Korea, and 1 million in Japan, with more than 400 million scanned business cards to date. More than 2 million job proposals were sent on Remember in the six months of Q4 2021 and Q1 2022.

This acquisition came after Drama & Company was largely acquired (70%) by private equity fund Arc & Partners, and the recruitment platform Saramin HR. In the deal, Drama & Company was valued at 230 Bn won, equal to ~$180m at the time.

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