Mimir Uzabase

Mimir Uzabase is an expert network based in Tokyo, Japan. It is a subsidiary of the research company Uzabase. Mimir focuses on recruiting experts in Japan, for domestic and international clients. One co-founder has a background from Guidepoint.

The focus on Japan is shared with its domestic competitor VisasQ. The Japanese market for expert network services has grown quickly since 2014-15. Consequently, both GLG, AlphaSights, Atheneum and Guidepoint have recently established offices in Tokyo.

In 2020, Mimir's owner Uzabase also invested $2m in GlobalWonks, a US-based expert network focusing on political risk and foreign affairs. Both networks should be integrated into Uzabase's business intelligence platform SPEEDA.

VisasQ, Mimir's main competitor in Japan, also announced about a new partnership in 2020, investing an undisclosed amount into DeepBench, another US-based expert network.

Visit the company website here.

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