Mosaic Research

The Mosaic Research expert network was founded in New York in 2010. Mosaic Research is focused on custom recruiting experts for buy-side clients, but also offers related services. The founder had previously been employed at a hedge fund and at Vista Research, an expert network founded in 2001 and later acquired by Guidepoint. Other firms rooted in Vista Research include Ridgetop Research and Primary Insight.

Mosaic offers three services:

  1. Regular expert interviews
  2. Certain custom data streams
  3. An expert network aggregation/ reporting tool.
  4. The expert call transcript service Stream (until Oct-2021, when it was sold to Alphasense)

Mosaic Stream and expert call transcripts

As per March 2021, the Stream product contained around 3,000 transcripts of expert calls, adding almost 300 transcripts/month. In October 2021, Mosaic agreed to divest the business unit to Alphasense, a research management system.

Mosaic Research and expert network aggregation

Mosaic Research was probably the first to market an Expert Management System, reminiscent of Inex One. However, they seem to have had similar challenges rolling it out as Coleman Research and Prosapient, being both a vendor and a platform. The service seems to be not widely used.

Mosaic Executive Assistants

Curiously, Mosaic has a team of 8 Executive Assistants to the CEO based in Philippines. We are pretty sure this is more EAs than any other CEO in the expert network industry has. This might be a code word for expert network recruiters, or the CEO is just really really busy. 🤔

Mosaic Research Management Philippines team
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