NewtonX is a machine-driven expert network started in 2016. NewtonX initially focused on automating regular expert network services. However, it soon pivoted to survey data collection from professionals and consumers. This focus has paid off – with $15 million of fresh venture capital, the firm looks set to take a piece of the expert network survey business.

Aside from these core services, NewtonX also offers the possibility to engage experts for longer term in-person assignments, as well as the option of moderated interviews, whereby outside experts are tasked with interviewing other experts for the client (thus increasing the speed of the process and solving potential compliance issues).

The company was co-founded by two former McKinsey consultants and two CTOs, one of which is still with the company. Because of the technical core product, NewtonX employs more engineers/ developers than typical expert networks.

NewtonX remains a relatively small expert network firm with 32 staff (as of June 2019). In June 2020, it had 25 000 CEO-level experts on its platform, which most probably is only a subset of its network.

NewtonX is one of the handful of firms outright stating they use AI in their work. Other such “machine-driven expert networks” include Xperiti, ENG llc, CleverX, Prosapient and Atheneum (after its acquisition of Chime Advisors). We identified NewtonX as a regional challenger in our review of the 2019 expert network market size.

Learn more about machine-driven expert networks in our AI deepdive: AI and expert networks.

Visit the company’s website or read more about different expert network models.

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