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Nexus Network

Nexus Network is a small expert network firm started in 2020. It is headquartered in the UK. Nexus's founders have previously worked at Third Bridge. The company initially had ties to Exlink, an expert network tech builder.

The company is not related to Nexus Insight, a Chinese expert network firm that is led by an ex-GLG team.

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Focal Fact

Focal Fact is an expert network headquartered in Ireland, with offices in Singapore and the US. Focal Fact was started in 2019 by former GLG managers, among them one of the global top-performers in GLG. The company offers expert network and recruitment services worldwide.

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The Bridger expert network was started in 2019 by former Guidepoint managers. Bridger operates as a standard expert network.

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Third Bridge

Third Bridge is one of the largest expert networks. Founded in 2007 as Cognolink, it rebranded in 2016 as Third Bridge. It raised >$200m from Astorg in January 2021.

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