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Nodes is an expert network headquartered in Singapore. It operates a standard expert network model. Nodes was founded in 2019 by former GLG managers and has since expanded with offices in Singapore, Indonesia, India, Colombia, and Canada.

Nodes has grown rapidly since its launch, becoming a notable player in SEA and beyond.

Nodes offers three expert network services:

  • Phone consultations

  • Surveys

  • Strategic projects - reminiscent of the consulting services provided by GLG

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Sealed Network

Sealed is an expert network started in 2019 and headquartered in Singapore. Sealed is focused on recruiting experts across Southeast Asia. The firm raised venture capital in 2020 from a consortium including Far East Ventures, and a former McKinsey senior partner.

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The Arches expert network started in 2019 by former consultants at Accenture and YCP Group. Arches is headquartered in Singapore.

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Business Connect China (BCC)

Business Connect China (BCC) is an expert network based in Shanghai, China. Business Connect China was founded in 2008 to provide expert network services.

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