Resory is a Japanese expert network and B2B market research firm, headquartered in Osaka. It was founded in 2019 as GS Partners, by former managers at the Japanese branch of Capvision. In June 2020, Resory's global network had 300 000+ expert advisors, most of them key decision-makers in large Japanese and international companies. The firm mostly relies on its internal database, but also does custom recruiting for clients seeking expertise in niche industries. In July 2021, Resory rebranded to its current name.

Resory offers not only standard expert interviews, but also a proxy interview service whereby clients can overcome language barriers or time constraints by asking the Resory team to conduct the full interview on their behalf. In addition to the services related to organizing and conducting expert interviews, the company also offers market research as a complete solution for its clients.

Resory had 11 full-time staff registered on LinkedIn (as of June 2020). However, with a large expert database and relevant experience in the industry, the company has potential to become a regional challenger in the Japanese market.

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