Silverlight Research

Silverlight Research is an expert network based in London. It operates with a standard expert network model, recruiting experts from public sources. Silverlight Research was founded in November 2017 by a former Morgan Stanley investment manager and had around 30 employees as of June 2020, according to our estimates. The company primarily serves buy-side and capital markets teams.

Aside from standard phone consultations with expert advisors, Silverlight Research also offers a roundtable service whereby an expert shares insights with several clients at the same time, as well as the possibility to hire experts for short-term assignments (such as drafting a report).

Silverlight offers a helpful guide on compliance for experts, complete with an FAQ.

Silverlight competitors in the European consulting segment include Dialectica, Guidepoint and Atheneum. The firm has opened an office in Lisbon to serve the European market, but has struggled with high employee churn.

Silverlight sits at the same London office hotel as Atheneum. The company has grown with a distributed workforce. It opened a Lisbon office in 2019, but also has satellite teams working part-time from around the globe, e.g. Bangladesh, New York, and Macao. Silverlight alumni co-founded the London-based expert network LB Networks in 2018.

We identified Silverlight as a regional challenger in our review of the 2019 expert network market size. Regional challengers are separated from other smaller expert networks by merit of their growth and/or business model.

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Visit the company’s website here.

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