Six Degrees Intelligence

Six Degrees Intelligence is an expert network based in Hangzhou, China, with a secondary office in Shanghai. SIx Degrees was founded by former Third Bridge managers and operates on a high service level. The team includes alumni from other large expert networks, including Alphasights, GLG and Guidepoint. According to the website, the firm has 40,000 global industry experts in its database.

Six Degrees focuses on recruiting experts in China.

Six Degrees Timeline

  • 2017 - The company started.
  • In 2018,, BlueFocus and G5 invested in Six Degrees. Liepin 猎聘 is the largest job board in China. BlueFocus is one of the largest PR/communications groups in China, listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. G5 is growth capital fund.
  • In 2020, Six Degrees took an investment from CGL, a large Chinese recruiting firm of 500+ employees. Six Degrees' investor Liepin is also an investor in CGL.

Six Degrees Intelligence operates a standard expert network model.

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