Stream by Alphasense

Stream is a content library of transcribed expert interviews, launched by expert network Mosaic Research in early 2020, and acquired by Alphasense in October 2021. Alphasense is a research management system, not to be confused with the expert network Alphasights.

Alphasense communicated that Stream will continue to operate as an independent entity, only integrating Alphasense's text processing tech and cross-selling the content library to Alphasense's existing clients. In Dec 2021, the company rebranded to 'Stream by Alphasense'.

In May 2022, Alphasense was the first firm to successfully aggregate GLG. GLG offers its transcribed calls content on Sentieo, that was acquired by Alphasense.

Stream Research group evolution

Expert call transcript library

As per March 2021, the Mosaic Stream product contains around 3,000 transcripts of expert calls, adding almost 300 transcripts/month. At the time Alphasense acquired it, the database had grown to 8,500 transcripts, implying a growth rate of close to 800 new transcripts per month. In March 2022, the service was said to host 10,000+ transcripts.

The model is similar to Tegus: investment professionals and company employees conduct expert calls (at low or no cost) which are transcribed and added to a library. Other investors subscribe to the library, and may conduct expert calls as well.

The experts may or may not get compensated for their participation.

Mosaic Research independent contributor on Twitter

Mosaic Research independent contributor on Twitter

Other content libraries include Forum from Third Bridge and the Insights product from Guidepoint. Content on these platforms is entirely generated by analysts employed at the expert networks.

Conversely, firms that use Inex One accumulate their internal content libraries. All calls done on Inex One are recorded and transcribed (for free), and stored on your proprietary transcript library. While this is not shared with anyone outside of your firm, you may choose to make it available to your colleagues. This way you avoid doing the same call twice, and can quickly share learnings across the firm.

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